Illuminated Letters

Our Illuminated Signage Letters are made with high standards to ensure the best lighting of the letter. Illuminated letter signage are papular with different styles such as Front-lit, Backlit , Side-lit and Halo Illuminated Letters. Our Illuminated letters are made of combination of Stainless steel/Aluminium and Acrylic. Some of our styles are only made of Acrylic. LED light source is used in all of our Illuminated Signage letters. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor.

Have a Special design? We can manufacture any (possible!) Sign for you. Contact us and one of our professional team members will help you.

Full acrylic illuminated signs

Style F

LED illuminated Full Acrylic signs. These signs are specially produced from acrylic. Different modes of lighting can be implemented in these letters. Different acrylic colours are available.

- Slim design 20-30mm


- Unique finish

- Ideal for branding and


Front illuminated Slim design letters
Front/Back lit letters
Front/Side illuminated letters
Side illuminated Letters
Side/Back lit letters

Front lit

Front/Back lit

Front/Side lit

Side lit

Side/Back lit

Rim and return Letters

Style C4

Front lit letters ( Rim & Return ) Made of Stainless Steel or Aluminium side bands with a Rim and Acrylic front. Sides can be powder coated to any RAL colour. Different colours available.

Built up letters with Neon effect

Style PN

Neon effect built up letters are made of a built up Aluminium letter with a special handmade Acrylic blocks on front face to create a Neon look. Please contact us for more info.

Front opening illuminated letters

Style C6

Front lit letters ( Rimless )

These letters are Rimless therefore the front is made of flat Acrylic with Stainless Steel or Aluminium side bands. Sides can be powder coated to any RAL colour. Different colours available.

Front illuminated premium

Style P4

Front lit premium letters with handmade embossed polished Acrylic front face. Based on Style C4 material in different colours.

Built up acrylic letters LED illuminated

Style C7

Front/ Side lit letters

These Letters are made of Acrylic on both side band and front face. Different depth and colours are available.

Pixel LED illuminated letters

Style Pixel

Pixel letters are produced based on Style C1 with pixel LEDs on front face. Also available in animated RGB. Please contact us for more details.

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