Custom LED Neon Signs

Our wide range of Custom LED Neon Signs can create a unique sign for your business to stand out form competitors. Having different styles of LED Neon Signs will provide you with a great choice for your bespoke signage. These styles are a great replacement for traditional custom neon signs.

Styles: NeoLED, Solid LED Neon, Faux Neon.

All can be wall mounted or hanged. Indoor and Outdoor. Shop front window sign, logo signs. All manufactured with high standards. Contact us today and we will help you to choose the best option.

Have a Special design? We can manufacture any (possible!) Sign for you. Contact us and one of our professional team members will help you.

Solid LED Neon signs

Style Solid LED Neon

Our unique Solid LED Neon signs are made with the latest technologies to create the solid tube neon style with LED light source. Please contact us for more details.

NeoLED signs

Style NeoLED-T

NeoLED signs. The transparent style made with bright individual LEDs. Eye-catching, good shopfront window displays. Different NeoLED colours available.


Style Faux-Neon

Faux Neon signs. These signs are made of acrylic with fine finish to create Neon Effect look. The LED lights are embedded inside the sign. Ideal for creating logos and brands signage. A good replacement for old neon signs. Different acrylic colours available.

NeoLED letters

Style NeoLED-F

NeoLED signs. The filled colour style made with bright individual LEDs. A good sign for creating logos and brands signage. Different NeoLED and acrylic colours available.

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For more information please contact us and we will help you create your desired signage. For indoor and outdoor signs, logos, events and more.